Candidate for NEA Director NaShonda Cooke

NaShonda CookeNaShonda Cooke

NaShonda Cooke is a fifth-grade teacher at Eno Valley Elementary School in Durham and a member of the Durham Association of Educators (DAE) who has taught for 14 years. She serves as an association rep and as special education director on the local level. On the state level, she serves as secretary of the NCAE Hispanic Caucus, and has served as chair and vice chair of the NCAE NBCT Caucus. Her national level experience has included serving as vice president of the NEA NBCT Caucus.

“I’m NaShonda Cooke, an eighth-generation educator and advocate. I’m currently in my 14th year of teaching in Durham Public Schools. My career has included the general education setting as well as working with various special needs students. This experience has shown me that I am a strong and passionate advocate for students and educators.

   I received my National Board Certification in 2008 and my master’s from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2010. My NCAE experience has been as an association representative for the Durham Association of Educators as well as special education director. I’ve served as the membership chair, vice chair and chair of the NBCT Caucus. I currently service as Cluster 6 secretary and as secretary of the Hispanic Caucus.

   On a national level, I’ve represented you as vice chair of NEA’s NBCT Caucus as well as state representative to the Minority and Women’s Regional Leadership Conference. I’ve represented you on the state and national level as I have attended both state and national conventions. Not only has my voice been heard within the Association as a strong advocate, but I’ve voiced concerns while being interviewed by television stations on everything from the vital importance of teacher assistants to budget issues. Not only do I talk the talk but I walk the walk since I’ve attended every march on Jones Street with you!

   I know the business of the Association. My single mother of five raised me to respectfully and passionately stand up for my beliefs. NCAE has taught me to take every opportunity to learn from it and this will help me serve you on the NEA Board.

   I will continue to walk the walk and talk the talk. I would appreciate your vote to represent you as your next NEA director.”