Aim Higher


There’s been a lot of talk coming out of Raleigh by politicians who want to appear as if they support public education. They say they want to do something about North Carolina’s embarrassingly low teacher salaries. Remember, North Carolina ranks 46th among the states in teacher pay, with an average salary nearly $10,000 lower than the national average.

We’ve heard rumblings from Gov. McCrory and others of a 1-2 percent raise with a merit pay option that raises concerns about competition and failure to recognize the importance of ALL educators in providing students a quality education.

But former Gov. Jim Hunt says AIM HIGHER!

In a recent opinion article in the Raleigh News & Observer, Gov. Hunt called for a bipartisan plan to raise North Carolina’s teacher pay to the national average in the next four years!

Stand with Gov. Hunt today by calling for a bigger, bolder plan to improve North Carolina teacher pay by signing this petition right now.

North Carolina’s teacher pay has put our schools in crisis. Many of NC’s best teachers are leaving the profession or going to work in other states where they can earn higher salaries. If we believe in our state motto “to be rather than to seem,” now is the time to aim high and make the changes necessary to ensure our public education system remains strong and keeps dedicated, caring, competent educators in our state.

To ensure that we have a high quality teacher for every student in North Carolina, let’s raise teacher pay to a competitive level.

Sign the AIM HIGHER petition today!