Rural Education Advocacy Day March 29

While North Carolina has the second largest rural population in the nation, the unique needs of rural school districts are often forgotten among other education discussions. Over two-thirds of North Carolina’s traditional public school districts are rural and nearly 40% of students in traditional public schools are educated in rural districts. Low wealth rural communities lack community resources to attract and retain the best teachers and they lag behind on digital infrastructure.

The Rural Education Advocacy Day will foster bipartisan collaboration between policymakers, educators, business leaders, education organizations, civic and civil rights leaders, and parents.


  1. Make rural school districts a priority during the 2017-18 General Assembly and beyond.
  2. Increase funding for teachers, teacher recruitment and high-quality school leaders.
  3. Expand access to digital learning.

For more information contact us at or (919) 89A-DAY1 or (919) 892-3291.

Join us in attending Rural Education Advocacy Day on March 29 at the General Assembly.  Click here to register to attend.

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