Schools Our Students Deserve Week of Action


During National Teacher Appreciation Week (May 8-13, 2017), NCAE, as part of its Schools Our Students Deserve Campaign, will hold a statewide Week of Action. Activities will focus on the two campaign goals adopted by the NCAE Board of Directors – passage of HB 13 to save the jobs of more than 4,500 arts, music, PE, and world languages teachers, and to increase per-pupil funding to at least the national average.

Schedule of Activities:

May 8 – Walk Ins

Educators and community members will gather to walk into schools in support of passing HB 13 and increasing per-pupil funding.

May 10 – Advocacy Day

Educators are being asked to take a personal day to visit legislators at the General Assembly.  Legislative briefing for participants will begin at 9:30 a.m. at the NCAE Center.

May 12-13 – Legislative Forums

Legislators will be invited to discuss our two main campaign goals and other NCAE priorities.