Top Ten Things the General Assembly Values More Than Public Education

Top 10 Things the General Assembly Values More than Public Education

1.     Provides a $41,000 tax break to people earning over $1 million per year.

2.     Cutting taxes by over $600 million annually focusing on those who make over $250,000 annually while raising taxes on average teachers.

3.     Continuing a tax break on yacht sales while requiring teachers to spend more out of their pocket for school supplies.

4.     Allowing guns on school grounds.

5.     Funding opportunities for unlicensed, underprepared novices to begin teaching with little to no support while discontinuing pay increases for educators who seek masters degrees.

6.     Usurping local control of local assets, such as taking a major airport from a major city

7.     Suppressing the vote by passing restrictive voter identification programs, limiting voting hours, early voting, eliminating same day registration, and discouraging voter registration of students. 

8.     Allowing charter schools to expand grade levels without having to seek approval from the State Board of Education.

9.     Funding private schools with little-to-no accountability measures in place to protect students and taxpayer funds.

10.  Requiring 7th grade teachers to discuss sensitive and scientifically discredited abortion issues with students.

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