History of NCAE

1. The North Carolina Association of Educators was formed on July 1, 1970, by the merger of the North Carolina Education Association and the North Carolina Teachers Association. Documents were signed at the NEA Convention in San Francisco, California, and the new Board met for the first time.

2. The North Carolina Education Association was organized in 1857.

3. The North Carolina Teachers Association was organized in 1880.

4. NCAE is one of the larger state affiliates of the National Education Association ranking 14th of the 53 NEA affiliates.

5. NCAE adopted an amendment to the Constitution requiring unified membership with the National Education Association in 1974, effective with the 1974-1975 membership year.

6. NCAE is an all-inclusive Association with all categories of professional school personnel eligible for membership. Teacher assistants are eligible for membership in the North Carolina Educational Support Personnel Association which is directly affiliated with NEA. The total membership (including all types of memberships active, associate, student, retired, staff) is approximately 70,000.

7. NCAE has the largest Representative Assembly among the 53 NEA affiliates. The ratio of delegates to active members is 1 to 20. The Representative Assembly usually has about 1,000 delegates.

8. NCAE has one of the largest college student organizations (the NCAE Student Program) among the NEA affiliates.

9. NCAE is one of the few state affiliates of NEA which has maintained the high school program (The North Carolina Future Teachers of America/Students in Action for Education).

10. NCAE occupied its modern headquarters, the NCAE Center, in 1979.

11. NCAE has 131 local units in public school districts, special State schools, and institution of higher education. There are also members in “local units” too small to qualify as official local units (a local unit must have at least 10 members).

12. NCAE is governed by an annual Representative Assembly and a Board of Directors. The Board meets about six times a year.

13. NCAE sends approximately 175 delegates to the NEA Convention.

14. NCAE employs 52 staff, support and professional, including 18 UniServ staff- 9 in regional offices across the state and 1 working out of the Center.

15. The state president, on leave, serves as the full time chief executive officer of the Association. The vice president-president elect also serves full time.

16. The executive director serves as the chief administrative officer of the Association