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Decline to Sign Campaign

Decline to Sign the Demoralizing 25 Percent Contracts!

During the 2013 summer session, the NC Legislature (General Assembly) passed a law mandating that all NC School Boards decide which 25 percent of teachers (rounded down) who have been employed full-time by their district for at least three consecutive years and rated “proficient” or higher on all standards of a recent summative evaluation, will be offered a four-year contract that includes a $500 bonus, compounded each contract year (depending on available funding).

School Boards Who Have Signed Resolutions

NCAE Decline to Sign Campaign (D2S) Update

Teachers who accept this contract forfeit their Due Process rights and will no longer have Career Status!

They will also lose the bonus and contract if they transfer to a new school district, return to their salary minus the bonus money when the contract ends in 2018, become subject to first-year teacher employment provisions, and even while under contract, any rating below “proficient” on any standard of a summative evaluation will be automatic grounds for dismissal (and there will be NO system for disputing these evaluations)!

Teachers who refuse the 25 Percent Contract will retain their Career Status!

However, unless the NCAE wins its lawsuit and/or the law is changed, all teachers will lose Career Status on 7/1/2018. That is why it is critical that we stand united against the relentless attacks on public education from the controlling factions of the NC General Assembly! While it has sent our morale to record lows, the damage done is most acutely felt by our children. It is time for teachers to stand up for our kids. It is time for teachers to stand up for each other. It is time for teachers to stand up to the General Assembly. That is why we are asking you to join teachers across our state in a grassroots campaign by doing the following:

  1. Talk with your colleagues about this demoralizing policy and share the materials available for download below. Remember that school equipment should not be used to print or make copies of these materials and please avoid talking about this legislation during instructional time.
  2. Use the “Decline to Sign” PowerPoint & other materials to facilitate a meeting with your colleagues between 1/23 and 1/29 to discuss ways your school can participate in the Statewide Day of Action on Wednesday, February 5. Promote this as an optional, upcoming meeting at your next faculty meeting.
  3. Solicit contact information from your colleagues on the Decline to Sign Pledge to help us identify NC’s most active teachers. This information will be kept confidential.
  4. Solicit signatures from your colleagues on the Decline to Sign Faculty Letter, strongly urging them to pass a resolution opposing this demoralizing policy. Encourage your colleagues and parents to join you at your school board’s next meeting and speak during the Public Comment session to read this letter.
  5. On the Statewide Day of Action, Wednesday, February 5, all teachers should WEAR RED and use social media to post photos of their colleagues holding a sign that includes #Decline2Sign, your school’s name, & your city, and tag it with #Decline2Sign.
  6. Because only three states spend less on students and teachers than NC (see the PowerPoint below), sign the petition to increase school funding at
  7. Locate contact information for your school district’s NCAE President and/or UniServ Directors at the links below and ask them to solicit support from your Superintendent.

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