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Why Should I BACK THE PAC?

NCAE – Political Action Committee (NCAE-PAC), the Association’s political action arm, helps elect friends of public education at the local (school boards and county commissions), state (Governor, Council of State, and Judicial Candidates), and federal (US Congress and President) levels who will:

  • Work to improve working/learning conditions in the public schools;
  • Reduce the number steps in the teacher salary schedule and move teachers beyond the national average in pay;
  • Support a living wage for all Education Support Professionals (ESPs);
  • Defeat voucher plans that would destroy public education; and,
  • Provide enhanced health care and retirement benefits for all retired public school employees.

Donate Today!

By law, the NCAE - Political Action Committee (NCAE-PAC) is only able to accept donations from NCAE members. In order to make a donation, you must first be logged in to your NCAE Membership Account.