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Black Caucus

NCAE-BC – Theme for this year – “Equity and Social Justice in Public Education in North Carolina.”

Find us on Face Book – “Spreading Wisdom and Knowledge”

Join us today and become an advocate for equity and social justice in our public schools.

Become in engage with NCAE-BC @

Dues: $20.00 – State and $20.00 – National

GLBT Caucus

Information forthcoming!

GOP  Caucus – Educating our children is the right thing to do! 

Republican Educators in the North Carolina are stepping up and speaking out. We are voicing to our elected officials the importance of funding and supporting public education.

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Join us today and become engaged in our lobby days with NCAE.

Dues:  $10. 00 State and $30.00 State and National

NEA GOP Caucus


NCAE Hispanic Caucus


President – Saletta Ureña

Vice President – Julio Morales

Secretary – NaShonda Cooke

Treasurer – VACANT


We are current constructing our webpage.


It shall be the purpose of the Caucus to:

  1. To recruit all Hispanic NCAE members as members of the NCAE Hispanic Caucus.
  2. To promote and protect the professional rights, welfare and human rights of Hispanics.
  3. To assist Hispanics to assume leadership positions at all levels of the NCAE and NEA.
  4. To assist and monitor the NCAE with its decision-making policies concerning Hispanics.
  5. To continually educate and sensitize the NCAE and the state of North Carolina about the needs of Hispanics in North Carolina.
  6. To advocate excellence in the education of Hispanic students in North Carolina.
  7. To promote the contributions and achievement of Hispanics in the NCAE.



The purpose of the NCAE NBCT Caucus Network shall be to promote teachers as advocates for the teaching profession and leaders in the effort to elevate its stature.

  • to develop leadership roles for NBCTs.
  • to develop and offer initial, advanced and renewal support to NCAE members.
  • to ensure that National Board Certification remains a priority in legislation.
  • to recruit National Board Candidates.
  • to encourage positive public relations through speakers and editorials.

Chair- Lauren Sabo

Vice Chair- Beckie Bishop

Treasurer- Debra Troxell

Secretary- Melissa Britner

Membership-Marci Harvey

At-Large-Ruthann McComb

The NCAE NBCT Caucus will be having their annual dinner at Convention.  Register at


Organize 2020


More information coming soon – Organize 2020 website