Student North Carolina Association of Educators


What is SNCAE- (9)

The Student North Carolina Association of Educators (SNCAE) is a pre-professional organization for college students interested in a career in education. SNCAE is a division of the larger North Carolina Association of Educators, the leading professional organizjointodayation for educators in North Carolina, and the National Education Association, the largest education association in the United States.

SNCAE’s goal is to prepare college students for their futures as educators.  Our three core values are teacher quality, community engagement, and political advocacy. Local chapters provide support to members on campus and host special events and trainings. If you are a future educator in the state of North Carolina, join your professional organization, SNCAE, and make a difference today!


Your 2018-19 SNCAE Executive Board!

President: Hannah Nixon

President-Elect: Tori Shoemaker

Secretary: X’Zache Jarrett

Region 3 Representative: Courtney Griffin

Region 4 Representative: Lauren Hall

Region 5 Representative: Monica Smith

Region 6 Representative: LaTasha Mack

Outreach To Teach Coordinator: Tyara Anderson



What is SNCAE- (10)

• Opportunities to network with future and current educators.

• Become a part of a community of student leaders who are advocates for education, involved in their community, and engaged in on-going professional development.

• Access to SNCAE/NCAE/NEA workshops and conferences.

• Discounts on credit cards, theme parks, car rentals, hotels, and more!

• $1,000,000 in liability insurance protection any time a student is working with school children as part of his or her pre-work training – even if simply observing a class.

• As a first-year teacher, students receive a $20 rebate from NEA and a $10 rebate from NCAE for every year as a student member!

What is SNCAE- (11)

State President, Hannah Nixon,

State Organizer, Christi Broadway:

Please see below for local chapter information.

What is SNCAE- (12)

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What is SNCAE- (13)

      See our awesome SNCAE Members taking part in the historic May 16 Rally for Respect!

      For frequent updates, ideas, and chapter spotlights check out the SNCAE Blog!

What is SNCAE- (14)

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