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“Our Profession, Their Future…”

Think back to your preparation for this field. In college, you were challenged to go above and beyond in your role in public education. Now you come in every day, knowing you make a difference, feeling that your voice is not often heard. For many reasons outside of your control, you can’t truly help your students succeed because of limited resources and increased demands on the profession. It is time for our collective voices to be heard!

As public school educators, our ability to truly educate all students has been hindered. Increased workloads but decreased support or resources, lack of respect in the classroom, and the testing culture keep us bound to curriculum with little flexibility or creative thought. We became educators for more than this.

Elections are critical to the funding of public schools, however support of public schools takes more than an elected official or budget line item. Many of us come to this work from families of educators, the N.C. Teaching Fellows program, lateral-entry positions or just a passion for children, and we are each faced with the same issues that distract us from the betterment of our craft.

NCAE is here to help unite, inspire, and coordinate the collective voice. Our state NCAE is divided into regions and each region is hosting Saturday drive-in sessions based on the needs of membership. Some have hosted sessions on political action, classroom skills sessions, and how to access Member Benefits to stretch your money. For more information, contact your local president.

Many locals have formed Under 35 Groups and meet in social settings once a month. If you are interested in hosting a group in your area or want to know of any future events, please let us know.

We need and want to hear from you! For the past year, we have conducted a survey specifically for young educators; many of you across the state have responded. As we continue to hear from young professional educators, we want to better address your needs as NCAE members. On January 11, we will hold a statewide conference call to discuss the issues shared in the survey and also ways we can work together to make a difference. Please visit our Under 35 Web site to sign up for the call.


“Keeping the Under 35, for More Than Five”

Teachers under 35, also known as Millennials, are extremely important to the education profession. The skills they acquired from school, world experiences and professional training can move public education forward in ways that far exceed our expectations. The world experiences they receive in this global society, proficient knowledge in cutting edge technology, and interaction with a more diverse culture in America gives them a skill set that is paramount for effective classroom instruction. More importantly, Dan Schawbel, career expert and founder of Millennial Branding (a Millennial research and management consulting firm), stated that among Millennial population, freedom, flexibility and trust are the most important characteristics for their ideal workplace. These characteristics are necessary for creative and successful classroom teachers. Furthermore, they are needed to reach the youth of today and tomorrow. Schawbel also noted that the under 35 population is known for wanting mentorships and regular feedback with their supervisors. Their personality type fits accordingly with the direction that education is heading because of the extensive mentorship programs being implemented, walk-throughs and constant feedback. As an association, we cannot ignore how these critical skills and characteristics can positively enhance our cause and influence. It is NCAE’s belief that the under 35 population longs for success in the profession and improved instruction. They seek quality professional development, as well as, to expand and enhance the prestige of the profession. They are the future of public education. It is imperative that we acknowledge their importance and provide them with the necessary resources. We cannot expect them to be good leaders without first making sure they are good educators. In the past we protected the profession, going forward we need to elevate it! If you are under 35 and interested in becoming more engaged with NCAE, please contact Christi Broadway at christi.broadway@ncae.org.

Christi Broadway, Under 35 Coordinator