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National Board Certification Support

Welcome to NCAE National Board Certification Support Information Central! 

Interested in pursuing National Board Certification, but not sure what it’s all about?  Already a candidate, and wondering what support is available?  NCAE is here to help!  Check out all of the support sessions workshops available to support you!

Are you pursuing National Board Certification this year?

The NCAE National Board network wants to support you and provide VALUE to your NCAE membership and your professional growth.  The NCAE NBCT Network wants to provide a seamless approach to your National Board Certification with less hassle and extra support.  Bundling our support to meet your needs: from our stay at home and participate in NCAE NBCT support webinars, attend regional one day drive-ins, get first notice to register for the Annual NCAE NBC Boot Camp and be provided a trained NBCT virtual coach to support you through your journey.  NCAE is offering to members only an annual NBC Candidate Coaching Subscription.

About Initial National Board Certification

Initial candidates are eligible to complete the four components on an individualized timeline, taking between one and three years.   We recommend that you weigh all of your options with regards to your candidacy, in order to determine the best time frame and course of action for your journey to National Board Certification.

Need more information?  Please visit  There, you can find the standards for each certificate area, as well as the actual component instructions for each of the four components.  You’ll also find the NBPTS Guide to Certification, which is quite helpful in understanding the process and scoring.

About National Board Certification Renewal

If you certified in November 2010 or November 2011, the 2019-2020 school year is your opportunity to renew your National Board Certification!  (If you’re wondering when you renew, please click here to visit the renewal calendar from NBPTS.)  As a renewal candidate, you’ll complete the Profile of Professional Growth.  You have up to two attempts at renewal, which you can discover more about by reviewing the NBPTS publication Renewal at a Glance.

Need more information?  Please visit the Renewal Resources & Forms section on the website.  There you will find the most up-to-date standards for your certificate area, as well as more information regarding the renewal process.

NCAE NBC Support Sessions

The NCAE Center for Instructional Advocacy works to ensure that our support sessions are focused on candidates.  We work to ensure our sessions are targeted to meet the needs of candidates, based on the experiences of almost two decades of work in coaching candidates for initial and renewal of National Board Certification.  Our candidate coaches are trained in ethical candidate coaching and support, and are ready to work with you as you begin or continue your journey to National Board Certification.

This year, we’ve worked to ensure most of our sessions are focused on a more regionalized basis.  We’ve also partnered with the Northeast Network of NBCTs and Friends to ensure that there’s support for candidates all the way from Murphy to Manteo!  Please see below for information on support sessions throughout the 2019-2020 school year.

Please make sure you review the type and location of National Board Support seminar(s) you sign up for this year (Initial/Renewal and Unpacking/Reading/Writing), as we have a variety of topics covered at various points during your candidacy cycle.  Unsure of which NCAE Region you’re in?  Click here for the NCAE Regional Map.  Sessions generally begin with registration at 9am.    Locations are begin finalized and will be updated and will be included on confirmation e-mails.  The cost for NCAE Members is $20 and Non-NCAE Members is $50.

Teachers interested in registering as initial candidates can attend a regional information session to get an overview of the process in order to effectively plan their candidacy. Fall sessions for candidates will unpack standards, the Body of Knowledge for accomplished teaching, and component directions for initial candidates.  In February, NCAE hosts a 2-day National Board Certification Boot Camp in Raleigh at the NCAE Center for initial candidates to have dedicated time to work with NBCTs on their components. Spring sessions for initial candidates will address writing for national board, selecting evidence of student learning and component 1 (the assessment center).

NBCTs who are preparing to register as a renewal candidate will benefit from the fall sessions.  Topics to be addressed include unpacking the Profile of Professional Growth (PPG) and selecting professional growth experiences.  In February, NCAE hosts a 2-day National Board Certification Boot Camp in Raleigh at the NCAE Center for renewal candidates to have dedicated time to work with renewed NBCTs on their writing and selection of growth experiences.  Spring sessions for renewal candidates will focus on writing for renewal and completing the PPG.

All sessions are currently available through Zoom. The cost for NCAE Members is $5 and Non-NCAE Members is $20-$50 based on the session. Your registration fee includes the workshop presentation, NBCT Professional Learning Facilitators, and materials.  A final confirmation e-mail, plus the final agenda, will be sent on the Monday prior to the workshop.

NEWLY ADDED sessions for Spring 2021 (Click here to see information about the sessions).