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Understanding the School Leader Standards and Evaluation Process

Time: 3-5 Hours
Fee: None (NCAE Members); $450 (Non-NCAE Members)

Participants will review and unpack the administrator standards and better understand the scoring matrix and how to move along the professional continuum. NCAE has several DPI-certified NC Educator Evaluation System trainers that can assist in a review of the process and/or bring new administrators up to speed on the evaluation process.

Understanding and Unpacking the North Carolina Teaching Standards; Understanding the New Teacher Evaluation Process

Time: 2-4 Hours
Fee: None f(NCAE Members); $450 (Non-NCAE Members)

NCAE has several DPI-certified NC Educator Evaluation System trainers that can conduct sessions for your school on the new teaching standards and the evaluation process. All teachers in all school systems in North Carolina are now using the new Teacher Evaluation Process (TEP) created by the NC Professional Teaching Standards Commission and McREL. In this hands-on, interactive session, participants will unpack the standards, understand the terminology and vernacular of the new TEP, understand how the rubric works and what the individual elements mean to classroom teachers.

Stress and Time Management Strategies That Work!

Time: 2-5 Hours (depending on specific requests)
Fee: May vary, depending on specific requests and number of participants

Participants in this interactive, hand-on session will:

  • learn how to break the habits of stressful situations,
  • discover new strategies for managing time and stress,
  • celebrate saying no and meaning it.

Learn how to turn chaos into calm. Develop new time management skills that will benefit your professional and personal life. Rediscover a healthier you as you break the old patterns of being stressed and overworked while finding no time for yourself.

Team Building Essentials – Strong School Improvement Teams

Time: 3- 5 Hours
Fee: None (NCAE Members); $300 (Non-NCAE Members)

Participants will:

  • learn what it takes to have a successful school-based team,
  • discover strategies that lead to positive team building,
  • use their TWC Survey to begin creating a new plan for school success,
  • learn how team building skills can be used in the classroom.

In this hands-on workshop, learn what it takes to create a positive school climate and the traits that are necessary in every team member. Strategies used are from a variety of resources. Participants will review the School-based Improvement Team policy and legislation and learn how to become more empowered to do the work of the school. (A resource toolkit will be provided for school needs, follow up and planning.)

Cultural Competency/CARE

Time: 4 – 6 Hours
Fee: None (NCAE Members); $500 (Non-NCAE Members)

Cultural groups and individual differences are influenced by social, economic, political, and historical experiences which shape learning and perception. Cultural background and experience must be valued and connected to classroom learning. In this day long workshop with follow up activities, participants will become more aware of how to effectively and competently provide instruction and support for cross-cultural classrooms. Using strategies based on the research of Dr. Belinda Williams, participants will explore how best to focus on the abilities of all students, how to ensure students are motivated and trying their best as well as how to build resiliency in students.

Each participant will learn ways to close achievement gaps by applying the priority school learner framework and its underlying themes (Culture, Abilities, Resilience, and Effort [CARE]) to four cornerstones of school decision making:

  • school organization
  • staff development
  • curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • and family school-community engagement

The full training including team planning requires 1 ½ to 2 days; however, the training can also be broken up into four two hours sessions, or can be done in one day with follow up.

Bullying and Harassment DON’T Belong in Schools!

Time: 2-4 Hours
Fee: None (NCAE Members); $300 (Non-Members)

Bullying should not be part of childhood, yet we know it exists in our schools. This workshop will provide strategies to implement in your classroom and school as well as to share with parents/guardians. These strategies and attitude adjustments will afford the participants the knowledge to create a safe, orderly and caring environment. This training meets the requirements of the School Violence Prevention Act of 2009.

True Colors

Time: 2-3 Hours
Fee: None (NCAE Members); $300 (Non-NCAE Members)

Participants will discover how personality traits and communication styles impact their work environment using researched-based instruments to discover their style. Have you ever wondered how your personality traits might impact the teaching and learning in your classroom? Do you know your strengths and weaknesses as a teacher? How do you best work with others in a group? Participants in this interactive session will learn how best to communicate with others as well as how to be successful with students who have conflicting personality traits. This session is highly interactive as participants learn more about themselves and each other.

Surviving and Thriving: Classroom Management Strategies for New and Lateral Entry Teachers

Time: 2-4 hours
Fees: None (NCAE Members); $500 (Non-NCAE Members); Host site will copy participant notebook prior to session and provide lunch for the full day session

Participants will:

  • learn strategies to create a positive learning environment,
  • construct interventions for selected difficult behaviors,
  • leave with practical tips on how to impact student learning through creating useful rules, routines and lesson plans.

Tried and true with teachers across the nation! Participants will learn about elements that will make a difference in their teaching and management style. The training is very interactive with practical hands-on information that all participants will be able to use in the classroom immediately. Topics include procedures, rules and routines in your classroom, professionalism, setting the tone and creating a positive environment as well as creating lessons that are relevant and engaging. Surviving and Thriving provides a jump start for the new year or new semester. For optimal sessions, participants should be broken out by grade level range, such as K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 or by elementary and secondary.

Creating Successful Professional Learning Communities

Time: 3-6 hours
Fee: None (NCAE Members); $400 (Non-NCAE Members)

School cultures and communities are changing. Educators are leaders in a variety of ways as they share new skill sets with their peers. Each school should have an active PLC. A Professional Learning Community that creates an environment of trust, open conversation, and a sharing of ideas that will enhance student growth is a must in the 21st Century. The new evaluation instruments and standards for educators make it imperative for schools to actively support PLCs. If your school is in need of a jump start on how to begin having professional conversations and being a learning community, contact NCAE.