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True Colors Training

Time: 2-3 Hours
Fee: None (NCAE Members); $300 (Non-NCAE Members)

Participants will discover how personality traits and communication styles impact their work environment using researched-based instruments to discover their style. Have you ever wondered how your personality traits might impact the teaching and learning in your classroom? Do you know your strengths and weaknesses as a teacher? How do you best work with others in a group? Participants in this interactive session will learn how best to communicate with others as well as how to be successful with students who have conflicting personality traits. This session is highly interactive as participants learn more about themselves and each other.

Stress and Time Management Strategies That Work!

Time: 2-5 Hours (depending on specific requests)
Fee: May vary, depending on specific requests and number of participants

Participants in this interactive, hand-on session will:

  • learn how to break the habits of stressful situations
  • discover new strategies for managing time and stress
  • celebrate saying no and meaning it.

Learn how to turn chaos into calm. Develop new time management skills that will benefit your professional and personal life. Rediscover a healthier you as you break the old patterns of being stressed and overworked while finding no time for yourself.


Childhood Bullying (classroom)

This training will provide information on the different types of bullying that occur among students.  It provides awareness as to where bullying takes place and who are usually the victims.  It also covers sexual harassment which is viewed as a form of workplace.

Workplace Bullying

Here the participates will receive information on bullying as it pertains to staff and the workplace.  This training also includes Sexual Harassment.

ESP Leadership

The Whole Child

The importance of meeting the needs of the whole child/student and how we can identify and support students based on the respective role ESPs play in their school.

ESSA and the ESP Voice (Every Student Succeeds Act)

ESP participants in this training will learn about ESSA, how ESPs and other stakeholders can be involved, and learn about their direct relation to ESSA implementation. ESPs will be informed of the importance of their role and the value of their voice as an educator.  ESPs will leave this session understanding that the education or our students in Public School requires the voice and participation of all stakeholders.

Organizing 101

In our Organizing 101 training we focus on the importance of working together as a team to advocate for Public Education.   We help build ESP leaders in each local, region of NCAE. We help ESP local leaders see and understand the importance of recognizing the gifts, talents and leadership potential of others.