SNCAE and Early Career Educators

**CORE Academic Skills for Educators**

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Surviving and Thriving: Classroom Management Strategies for New and Lateral Entry Teachers

Time: 1 ½ Days; Follow Up Session within 6 Months; E-mail Consultations for NCAE Members

Standard(s): IV

Participants will:

  • learn strategies to create a positive learning environment,
  • construct interventions for selected difficult behaviors,
  • leave with practical tips on how to impact student learning through creating useful rules, routines and lesson plans.

Tried and true with teachers across the nation! Participants will learn about elements that will make a difference in their teaching and management style. The training is very interactive with practical hands-on information that all participants will be able to use in the classroom immediately. Topics include procedures, rules and routines in your classroom, professionalism, setting the tone and creating a positive environment as well as creating lessons that are relevant and engaging. Surviving and Thriving provides a jump start for the new year or new semester. For optimal sessions, participants should be broken out by grade level range, such as K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 or by elementary and secondary.

Creating Strong Family-School-Community Partnerships

Time: 3-12 Hours (Depending on Individual/School/Site Needs)

Standard(s): I, II, IV

Participants will examine attitudes, actions, and behaviors regarding community involvement, and learn strategies for implementing partnerships within the community or enhancing existing partnerships.

Many constituents, especially educators, have had little experience in working with families and community beyond the regular PTA functions. During this training, participants create positive groundwork for partnerships; learn how to improve communication among all stakeholders, gain insight into how to work with families from diverse cultures, and create a climate to implement meaningful partnerships. Host site will be requested to copy materials for participants and provide lunch for full day sessions.

Classroom Management – Tools for Success!

Time: 3-6 hours

Standard(s): I, IV, V

Participants will:

  • explore what is needed in the classroom for success and control
  • develop a personal classroom management plan
  • define procedures and routines that will positively impact the classroom and learning environment.

Every decision affecting students is part of classroom management. The more tools educators have in their toolboxes, the more likely students will experience success. Components of this workshop include strategies and ideas for increasing self-esteem, involving parents as partners, and teaching students your classroom routine. There will be an emphasis on preventative strategies, but participants will also gain intervention techniques that work.

More Month than Money

Time: 1 ½ hours

The session offers a financial tune-up. It is instrumental in helping you

  • have a plan – be realistic – review and modify financial goals as necessary
  • manage your cash flow – anticipate needs/wants/desires
  • understand your risks – adequate insurance protection and ID theft information
  • use credit judiciously
  • be systematic and disciplined with savings (save first/spend last)- capture some portion of your lifetime earnings
  • use NEA/NCAE Member Benefits to maximize savings

GLBTQ+ Safety and Bias Training

Time: 2 Hours (per module)

Standard(s): II

Creating great public schools for every child requires that all students are learning and succeeding. Unfortunately, students cannot learn where they do not feel safe and supported, and yet, schools are too often unsafe for students who are perceived as “different.” One of the most common forms of bullying and harassment involves differences of sexual orientation and gender, and this targets not only students who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender (GLBTQ+), but also students who are not.

This training program consists of two workshops, each 90-120 minutes long, that can be delivered separately or together. The workshops are especially designed for people who are not gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, and who are interested in addressing bias regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.

The first workshop, “Taking A Stand: Creating Safe Schools for All Students,” is an introductory workshop designed for all school personnel. It uses video clips and activities to examine the obvious and subtle ways that bias plays out in schools, and offers resources for creating schools that are safe for all students, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

The second workshop, “Walking the Talk: Classroom Resources for Addressing Bias,” is an advanced workshop designed for K-12 classroom instructors. It examines various approaches to designing and integrating activities into the classroom that raise awareness of bias and empower students to advocate for change, especially around anti-GLBTQ+ bias.

This training is a program of the National Education Association/NCAE, in collaboration with the American Federation of Teachers, the NEA Health Information Network, and the Respect for All Project, and is made possible in part by the generous financial contributions of the Gill Foundation, the Liberty Education Fund, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Stress and Time Management Strategies That Work!

Time: 2-5 Hours (depending on specific requests)

Standard(s): V

Participants in this interactive, hand-on session will:

  • learn how to break the habits of stressful situations,
  • discover new strategies for managing time and stress,
  • celebrate saying no and meaning it.

Learn how to turn chaos into calm. Develop new time management skills that will benefit your professional and personal life. Rediscover a healthier you as you break the old patterns of being stressed and overworked while finding no time for yourself.

Understanding How Your Personality and Communication Style Impacts the Classroom Environment

Time: 2-3 Hours

Standard(s): II, IV, V

Participants will discover how personality traits and communication styles impact their work environment using researched-based instruments to discover their style. Have you ever wondered how your personality traits might impact the teaching and learning in your classroom? Do you know your strengths and weaknesses as a teacher? How do you best work with others in a group? Participants in this interactive session will learn how best to communicate with others as well as how to be successful with students who have conflicting personality traits. This session is highly interactive as participants learn more about themselves and each other.

Restorative Justice**

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Formative and Summative Assessments**

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