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Our Schools, Our Safety, Our Say

Everyone is saying that these are unprecedented times. But the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and economic shutdown has exposed what we already knew: privatizers and their supporters in our legislature have been starving our schools to death. We’ve already been fighting for years to stop legislators from prioritizing corporate tax breaks over funding our futures. Now vultures are circling as politicians push us to choose between our children’s and our communities’ safety or our ability to make a living.

We say: There is another way. Public school workers have already facilitated a monumental transformation to ensure children continue to learn, schools and families stay connected, and the millions of urgent needs that we meet in our schools every day continue to be met in the middle of a global pandemic. The world has learned what we already knew: every public school worker is essential. Caregivers can’t go to work, businesses can’t run, our economy can’t function if our schools aren’t in operation.

By acting together, we have the power to determine the conditions in which we will return to in person instruction. As front line workers who know how best to meet our children’s educational needs, we have the responsibility to ensure we do so safely.

Our Schools. Our Safety. Our Say.