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NCAE ESP of the Year Winner Announced

Congratulations to Ms. Erica Johnson, who has been elected our  NCAE ESP of the Year.  Erica is the President of Alamance Burlington Association of Educators.  She is an Instruction Assistant at Grove Park Elementary and a phenomenal mom. Below is her bio.

I once believed that I had done it wrong or lived my life backwards due to the fact that I had my children, then chose my career. But, life has shown me and continues to show me differently. I am right where I am supposed to be. Truth be told my children were initially my “Why”. Seeking a schedule that would closely match my children’s led me to become an educator. However, my “why” continues to change.

Being a mother of two amazing boys inspired me to team up with several local barbers to promote Books & Barbershops. The mission of my project is to increase young black males’ vocabulary and knowledge. To be quite frank and honest, what better way to reach them through books? My hope is to empower young children male and female to gain knowledge through literature.

Becoming the mother to my beautiful daughter has grown me more than I could ever imagine. Knowing that she is watching me and looking up to me keeps me examining my steps, my words and my actions. My children are “SOMEBODY” and so are all of those that I serve each and every day. What I want and expect for my children every child deserves. Which is why I feel it is duty to use my voice to advocate for ALL our students.

Being aware of this caused the evolution of this extroverted, little, country girl born and raised in Graham, North Carolina all the way back in 1978, into a woman who stands as a Change Agent. One, who has a passion for advocacy and Racial Justice. I am a strong believer in Racial Equity and I have had the privilege of being able to engage with like-minded individuals. I am a strong advocate for education, educators and students alike.

While evoking the desire to see change occur in the education sector I found myself intrigued by the ABAE organization. I involved myself in learning the policies and procedures. Taking workshops and attending conferences to familiarize myself with the organization. Ultimately, my dedication to ABAE has led me to be president over our local sector here in Alamance County.

I have found myself serving in several capacities during my tenure as president. For the past three years I have written grant proposals to make certain our organization is obtaining the support they need from the community. My presidency has allowed me to oversee the use of grant funds to start the Unify, Beautify and Color Their World at Tucker Street Apartments. As well as fund the Racial Equity workshop which afforded other ESPs the opportunity to attend. The grants also provided funds that allowed me to facilitate not one but two trainings on Racial Equity in Education within our local Association.

I have formed many new relationships throughout my work but, the most important ones are those that I have with my family. My fur baby is an important part of my life as well. I strive to stand grounded by spending time in nature and down to the ground with my hands working in my plants. I am committed to being a lifelong learner. I surround myself with books.  My children have each taught me individual, unique and valuable lessons. Above all advocacy, my career, my students and my personal children have taken me out of my comfort zone which has allowed me to stretch and grow beyond my wildest dreams. They have all made me into the woman I am today and will continue along with life experiences to shape me. They have all played an intricate role in me coming into who Erica Johnson is to BE. I am NOW convinced I have done it just RIGHT.