NCAE-NEA Florence Info


As Hurricane Florence makes her way out of North Carolina, catastrophic flooding and deadly flash flooding is still forecast to occur over the next 24-48 hours as a result of torrential rains. The NCAE family continues to pray for the safety of our communities, our members, and our students. Please follow the directions and advice of emergency personnel as they respond to this disaster. As the storm begins to subside, we want to start to provide information about NEA and NCAE resources available to members and your students to help in this recovery. If you would like to help now, NCAE’s charitable arm — the NC Foundation for Public School Children — is taking monetary donations.


Also, NEA Member Benefits and its business partners stand ready to assist by providing resources to affected members and affiliates, and special accommodations to NEA member-participants in NEA MB programs.

A specially designed DRP Web page at provides details about the resources and accommodations available to affected members.

We will be reaching out to all members in the next day or two via text to check in.

Please be safe. We are #InThisTogether. #NCAEStrong



Mark Jewell, NCAE President

Rachelle Johnson, NCAE Executive Director