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NEA/ NCAE Micro-credential Virtual Professional Learning Communities

A micro-credential is a short, competency-based recognition that allows an educator to demonstrate
mastery in a particular area.

NEA and NCAE will be providing members an opportunity to participate in a virtual Professional
Learning Community (PLC) to support successful completion of a NEA Micro-credential from start to
finish. Educators who participate in a PLC to complete a micro-credential are more likely to earn their
badge the first time. Registration closes April 30. PLCs start in early May and end in late June.

The virtual PLC will be facilitated by a trained micro-credential facilitator and consist of weekly support
meetings via zoom.

You may register for one of the following PLCs by clicking the registration link at the bottom of this page.

Technology Integration – Learner
Leadership in Organizing — Story of Self

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Register for the Micro-Credential PLC here

Download the PDF flyer here