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Advancement & Development

New proposals for teacher licensure and compensation will hurt our students by exacerbating teacher turnover, and stunting teacher development.
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The PEPSC is weighing crucial changes to how North Carolina educator licenses are administered, how teachers are evaluated, and how the state compensates educators.

Thoughts on Advancement & Development

  • If we are serious about teacher leadership, then we are going to need to fund a lot of full-time mentor teachers in every single school that can coach and support newer teachers. Mentor teachers cannot be asked to mentor on top of teaching their own students -- that’s just not a realistic expectation.
  • Do not link teacher pay and license renewal to student test scores or subjective peer & student evaluations. We know great teachers help students learn, but this approach is unfair because:
    • Test scores and EVAAS data are influenced by many factors beyond teacher effectiveness. 
    • A teacher’s livelihood cannot be based on their ability to win a popularity contest among their students. Some of the best teachers are tough and demanding, which can make them unpopular even among students that are learning and growing.