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Budget and Compensation

We absolutely need to fix teacher pay in North Carolina, but the proposals coming out of PEPSC are the wrong way to do it.

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The PEPSC is weighing crucial changes to how North Carolina educator licenses are administered, how teachers are evaluated, and how the state compensates educators.

Thoughts on Budget & Compensation

  • The starting pay for a teacher in North Carolina should be at least $45,000, regardless of their school district. Kids need great teachers, and if we don’t start offering a competitive starting salary, North Carolina won’t be able to recruit and retain our most talented teachers and potential teachers. 
  • Guaranteed annual salary increases for teachers. Our current salary schedule does not provide annual step increases to all teachers, is unfair to more experienced educators, and hurts students by increasing teacher turnover. 
  • Any proposal coming out of DPI should restore longevity pay and additional compensation for teachers with advanced degrees in teaching practices or their subject area. 
  • Eliminating annual step increases will hurt students by driving great teachers out of the profession.
  • This proposal does next to nothing to value and reward experienced teachers that want to stay in the profession as classroom teachers. 
  • The current proposal effectively caps the salary of teachers that want to focus on their students, rather than taking on additional responsibilities. When we have great teachers that want to stay in the classroom, we should reward them for that service and commitment. 
  • Under this proposal license, IV teachers would have to wait five years before earning a raise. I can’t believe anyone would seriously propose that. The cost of living goes up every year. We can’t treat our teachers like this. It’s not ok. 
  • I don’t understand why you would set up a system that allows districts to cut a teacher’s salary by arbitrarily removing the “advanced teacher” or “teacher leader” designation at any time or for any reason.