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Preparation & Entry

We need a well-prepared, qualified, and diverse workforce of professional educators to meet the needs of North Carolina’s student population.
A masked teacher and student working together on a lesson.

Take Action

The PEPSC is weighing crucial changes to how North Carolina educator licenses are administered, how teachers are evaluated, and how the state compensates educators.

Thoughts on Preparation & Entry

  • We need multiple pathways into the teaching profession -- from strong education preparation programs in our Universities to programs where we help TAs grow in the profession, to grow our own initiatives. I support the idea of paid apprenticeships as a way into the profession, as long as those apprentices have the educational background and life experience that will set them up for success in the classroom.
  • Apprentice teachers should be paid. Teaching is a serious profession and we need to take teacher training seriously, which means compensating people as they learn the craft. Apprentice teachers should be paid regardless of how they are entering the profession. That includes student teachers in a degree program, people in TA to teacher programs, and individuals seeking a career change as an educator.