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NCAE Award Nominations: Division of Principals/Administrators

Awards recognize the outstanding contributions to staff, students, and public education as a whole by members who work in administrative roles.

The NCAE Principal of the Year Award, NCAE Assistant Principal of the Year Award, NCAE Superintendent of the Year Award, and NCAE Central Office Administrator of the Year Award is presented annually by the NCAE Division of Principals/Administrators.  These awards recognize the outstanding contributions to staff, students, and public education as a whole by members who work in administrative roles.  Nominees are judged on professional practice, advocacy for the profession, community engagement, and leadership skills.  Any public school principal, assistant principal, superintendent, or central office administrator who is a member of NCAE is eligible to be nominated, and nominations can be by any NCAE member or staff.

Recipients of these distinguished awards are chosen based on their responses to questions developed by an interview committee comprised of select members of the division’s board via phone or face to face interview.  During the interview, candidates will be asked to share a new initiative they have been involved in during the year as well as other items.  A rubric will be used to score both nomination applications and the personal interview selection processes.   Recipients of the awards will be required to make a presentation to the division board of directors during a board meeting.

Winners will be recognized with special presentations in the honoree’s local school district.  Recognition date and time will be determined by NCAE Leadership in conjunction with the award winner.  Winner(s) will be presented a plaque and monetary award of $1000.

If you wish to nominate an individual, please complete and return the nomination form found at to Derevana Leach no later than the last Monday in February of each year.  A completed packet of the nominations must be received via e-mail ([email protected]) or mailed to the address below by this date.  Feel free to call 1.800.662.7924, extension 203 for additional information.

Nomination Form


  1. Only nominees who are members of NCAE/NEA shall be considered as a recipient of the award.
  2. The nominee must sign the “Nomination Form Title Page.”
  3. The candidates nominated for the award must be interviewed via phone or in person.
  4. The winner may be asked to serve in different positions/capacities

NCAE Division of Principals/Administrators

Attn: Derevana Leach

3700 Glenwood Ave

Suite 510

Raleigh, NC 27612


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