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UniServ Directors / Lead Organizers

State Regional Staff - UniServ and Lead Organizers
Regional map

UniServ Directors

Vacant - Regions 1A &1B
800-662-7924, ext. 213

Daniel Foreman - Region 2
800-662-7924, ext. 208
[email protected]

W. F. "Tripp" Jeffers - Region 3
800-662-7924, ext. 229
[email protected]

Tyrone Melton - Region 4
800-662-7924, ext. 204
[email protected]

Abeer Javed, Region 5
800-662-7924, ext. 214
[email protected]

Naomi Chisolm, Region 6
800-662-7924, ext. 205
[email protected]

Deborah Harris-Ivery, Region 7
(800) 662-7924, ext. 258
[email protected]

Norma Reaves, UniServ Field Organizer - NEA NCAE Member Benefits
(800) 662-7924, ext. 249
[email protected]

Lead Organizers

Runda Alamour
800-662-7924, ext. 400
[email protected]

Tommie Shimrock
800-662-7924, ext. 408
[email protected]

Nina Pande
800-662-7924, ext. 405
[email protected]

Melissa Hassard
800-662-7924, ext. 403
[email protected]

Riley Driver
800-662-7924, ext. 406
[email protected]

Brendan Rogers
800-662-7924, ext. 407
[email protected]

Becca Friedland
800-662-7924, ext. 401
[email protected]

Anya Sippen
800-662-7924, ext. 409
[email protected]



An equitable, quality public education for every child.

The North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE), NC's largest professional employee organization, is committed to advancing the cause of public education. NCAE's members work at every level of education—from pre-school to university graduate programs. NCAE has affiliate organizations in every county and student chapters in select colleges and universities throughout the state.